Translate Japanese words in your browser with a single click, anywhere on the web.

Click a word, instantly see its English translation. Save words you don't know as flashcards or ask questions to clarify their nuances.

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Translate Japanese words with a single click.

Click any Japanese word on the web and display its English translation instantly.

Save unknown words as flashcards

You can save any word as a flashcard with a single click. An example sentence gets automatically pulled from the website you saved the flashcard from. You can review your flashcards from the Gakumei dashboard at any time.

Ask questions to understand nuances better

Some nuances require more than just a translation to understand. Ask questions about words and nuances you don't understand and have them answered by the GakuMei community.

Get started by downloading our dictionary

Add the GakuMei Dictionary to your chrome browser and get started translating Japanese immediately. It's free.

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